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So since @jtenchiyb posted that I would buy his Work VSXX wheels if his post reached 150 likes (which I never really agreed to) and it did, here is a sort of full pic in the garage when we did a test fit this morning. The wheels look amazing on my car I will admit, but I’m still on the fence due to tire size issues on making it fit. With the width and offset of the wheels I would have to move down to a 215 wide tire (wheels are 8.5” wide) to fit them and for those that know me, they know I absolutely dislike any tire stretch on wheels that go on my car. So I have a lot of thinking to do because it’d be a waste if they were on my car and u wasn’t happy with them. 😜 Thanks to JC for peer pressuring me into test fitting them, and for sticking this debate in my head. 😒 @kaneo83, you’re not helping things. 😝 #subaru #impreza #wrx #workwheelsjapan #VSXX #illmotion #levelone

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