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Late throwback Thursday post from the beginning of September, awesome pics of my car from a shoot by @jayhoang for his blog. As much as I love my car in the winter and snow, I love how she looks in the summer. Changes for next season are already underway. Old suspension has already been sold with the new setup on the way, and hopefully picking up my new wheels this Sunday. It’s gonna be a long few months, hurry back spring/summer! #subaru #impreza #wrx #illmotion #levelone #jayhoangphoto #perrin #invidia

To help support the aid needed for the Philippines after the devastating typhoon, we at Illmotion decided to create a limited edition Philippines themed illmotion decal. Quantities are limited, so order yours now at! All money from sales will go the Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan relief fund. Thanks for all you help! #staystrongphilippines #redcross #TyphoonHaiyan #helpisneeded #illmotion

So since @jtenchiyb posted that I would buy his Work VSXX wheels if his post reached 150 likes (which I never really agreed to) and it did, here is a sort of full pic in the garage when we did a test fit this morning. The wheels look amazing on my car I will admit, but I’m still on the fence due to tire size issues on making it fit. With the width and offset of the wheels I would have to move down to a 215 wide tire (wheels are 8.5” wide) to fit them and for those that know me, they know I absolutely dislike any tire stretch on wheels that go on my car. So I have a lot of thinking to do because it’d be a waste if they were on my car and u wasn’t happy with them. 😜 Thanks to JC for peer pressuring me into test fitting them, and for sticking this debate in my head. 😒 @kaneo83, you’re not helping things. 😝 #subaru #impreza #wrx #workwheelsjapan #VSXX #illmotion #levelone

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